Client Testimonials

Our loyal customers are our biggest assets and we could not have done it without them. Check out below what some of them have to say about us.


What our clients says

We have been a client with SG Cash for the past 2 years. We sincerely appreciate SG Cash for providing us with the financing to assist us with our business operations. The financing has allowed us to continue to operate under harsh conditions such as this COVID-19 pandemic. ​

​We would like to take this opportunity to thank the team in SG Cash for always assisting us and providing us with innovative and practical solutions to resolve our financing matters.

Mr Chua
Car Dealer

As always, SG Cash has helped us in our day to day running of our hair salons. We appreciate SG Cash for the services all this while. Kenneth and Evelyn have been extremely helpful and always ensure the whole application process till the disbursement is flawless. ​

​We will definitely recommend SG Cash to any other friends who run a business and require short term financing. Thank you SG Cash for your greatest support and we look forward to many more happy and satisfied engagement with you guys in time to come!

Miss Lim
Hair Salon Owner

我在此要衷心感谢凯胜金融集团(SG CASH)为我们公司所提供的融资。​





I like to take this opportunity to thank SG Cash for the financial support rendered to us over the last few years.​

​The additional funding has aided us in running our F&B business especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. ​

​We would like to thank SG Cash for providing us with sound advice and solutions to resolve our financial situation.​

​Once again, Thank you SG Cash!  ​

Mdm Ting
Restaurant Owner

Since our first application with SG Cash, the entire journey has been smooth, from the loan application, approval, to the end of the financing. The credit facilities offered are customised to meet our needs for conducting various business activities, and we are fortunate to have built such a strong and special relationship with SG Cash over the past few years.

It is certainly our pleasure to work with SG Cash as we continue to provide excellent skincare treatments and spas for our customers. We would surely recommend SG Cash to SMEs who are looking for short-term financing.

Thank you, SG Cash!

Mr and Mrs Tan
Beauty Salon Owner

Over the past 7 years, SG Cash has been a great partner of ours in providing financing solutions for our day-to-day operations. The application process was straightforward, and the funds were timely. The financing solutions are customised to suit our business needs, and we are very thankful to have SG Cash’s support all this while, even during the COVID-19 pandemic period.

Overall, it is our pleasure to work with SG Cash and we are really thankful for their impeccable service. We look forward to many more years of engagement with SG Cash and hope many other SMEs can benefit from SG Cash just like us!

Mr Chan
Furniture Shop Owner

我们想感谢凯胜金融集团(SG Cash)始终如一地提供可靠和优质的服务。凯胜金融集团的融资对我们的公司很有帮助,好让我们在这冠病时期也能够继续经营业务。




I would like to thank Mr Koh and his team at SG Cash for assisting us when we first approached them this year during the Phase 2 Heightened Alert period. They provided a very competitive rate of interest for the funds we required, which helped us to tide through this difficult period. The funds also helped us in the shift towards mobile spa services, which we are in the midst of planning.

I would definitely recommend SG Cash to SME owners who are looking for short-term funds ranging from a few months to up till a year, and those who are looking for a more personal touch for their financing!

Mdm Fatimah
Spa Owner

Working with SG Cash has been a pleasant experience for us, as the whole loan application process has been very efficient and straightforward. We are blessed to have partnered with SG Cash as their service has been impeccable and their support has helped greatly in our business. We have since expanded our business and are planning to open a second showroom to display our products in the upcoming year.

We would recommend SG Cash to other Small and Medium Enterprises in Singapore. Thank you, SG Cash, for being flexible, helpful, and professional!

Mr and Mrs Sim
Storage Solutions Owner

我们自2017年就和凯胜金融集团 (SG Cash) 一起合作。他们的服务不但非常专业,而且也了解我们公司的需求。凯胜金融集团提供非常灵活的付款方式,对我们的业务非常有帮助。



Applying for a loan with SG Cash is easy and convenient. The credit assessments were not only fast, and the team at SG Cash took the effort to understand about our business and our future business plans. Communication was clear and we were kept updated throughout the whole process. On a personal level, I enjoy speaking with Mr Kenneth Koh over several occasions, and we always spend 1 to 2 hours catching up over tea – he is like a friend to me!

We would like to thank SG Cash for their help with the various innovative financial packages they have come up for us over the years, which suits our business needs. Thank you, SG Cash!

Mr Samesh and Mdm Tishya
Printing Services Owner

如果需要短期的融资,凯胜金融集团 (SG Cash) 是我们的首选。凯胜金融集团是个很靠谱和专业的合法贷款公司。他们不但根据我们公司和个人的财务记录进行综合的分析和规划,而且也按照我们的需求为我们提供合理的融资方案和相应的金融贷款配套,全程仅需三到四天。



SG Cash has helped us to continue our business operations despite the restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. They provided us the much needed funding when our sales are relatively stagnant in the middle of the year, and we are thankful for the help and support we received.

When the government announced the updated measures for Phase 3 (Heightened Alert) in mid-July and that work-from-home remained as the default, we approached SG Cash for loan repayment extension and were grateful that they allowed us a few more days as grace period without charging any additional fees.

We are happy to have SG Cash’s support through this trying period and would recommend it to other businesses as well.

Ms Yap and Mdm Tay
Preschool Operators

We have developed a great partnership with SG Cash over the past 3 years and their dedication towards our restaurant operations is evident in all the financing solutions that they have provided for us thus far. We appreciate the team at SG Cash for their creative and flexible approach to come up with innovative financing packages that meet our business needs and offer us loan renewal options at competitive rates as well.

With the help of SG Cash, our restaurants are able to overcome many roadblocks in our growth cycle and expand our services to host Muslim weddings and corporate events. Whenever we need short-term financing, we will definitely look for SG Cash.

Mr Hafiz and Mdm Nadia
Muslim Restaurant Owners

We would like to thank SG Cash for their support as we continue to provide airfield repair and maintenance services for our clients. With SG Cash’s funding, we took on new electrical and lighting projects with ease and managed to maintain a steady stream of cash flow.

The fast turnaround time and flexible repayment terms from SG Cash have also helped us to secure the funding required at the earliest possible time to bid for projects.

I would like to thank the team at SG Cash for making the whole process a very easy and fast one, thank you very much!

Mr Lee
Engineering Company Director

我们公司创建于 2014 年,为我们致敬的顾客建筑更新和平铺工程等的建设工程。我们和凯胜金融集团(SG CASH)已经合作了将近 5 年。即使在新型冠状病毒(COVID-19)期间,我们也一直受益于他们的帮助和支持。凯胜金融集团的工作人员平易近人,我们有任何问题可以随时向他们询问并得到满意的回复。我们对此表示衷心感谢。




Before knowing about the services offered by SG Cash, we are not sure of where we can look for financing for our company in Singapore, as our company background and credit history do not qualify us for a loan from the banks. After approaching SG Cash, we witnessed how straightforward and fast it was to apply for a loan from SG Cash as compared to traditional financing.

It is certainly our pleasure working with SG Cash. We signed up for both the Growth Package and Flexi Package. The service rendered to us was excellent. Their support has helped us through the past few years for which we are very grateful.

Thank you SG Cash and we look forward to many more years of partnership in time to come.

Mr Wong and Mdm Chong
Accounting & Corporate Services Company Owners